IMG-20160803fotofoto-WA0035Creations Tallaferro – Sculpture workshop we are located in the village of Parets del Vallès (Spain).

We are a creative workshop of sculpture in different areas, finishes and materials. We make figures of any size with light but resistant materials are cardboard-like stone, fiberglass and resins in addition to ceramic baths with iron and bronze. Sculptured for all types of exterior and interior, and especially festive imagery and entertainment, decorations and theatrical sets.

Our workshop has experienced staff and the goal is to create the figure you want and share with you the construction process. Once you leave the workshop we are here for any question.

Apart from the regular work, we also attended courses and fairs, exhibition and sale. Our aim also is working in the partnership, cultural events and carry out activities that help the spread our popular and traditional culture, in short: the feast of the street.
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Everything you can imagine and more!!!

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