Sin-título-2454Giants and Big-Heads.

We build custom giant heads or in series in either carton-pierre or fiberglass, as well as repairing damaged figures or just a tune. The figures come from the workshop finished, painted, dressed and with his frame and corresponding accessories. They can also be made without clothes or without frame according to the request, and make copies of parts of the body or replace others that are damaged. The figures can be from 160cm to 400cm, and they can have fixed arms or with some element to allow the arms to swing in the air.

Devils dance and Beasts.

Construction of beasts of fire, animated or protocol with fiberglass or carton-pierre, repair figures (knocks, falls or tuning) and placement of fire points (if it was necessary). The piece will leave the workshop ready  with the frame or carrying system, fire points, skirt or clothes … (if necessary) and for sure it will be light and resistant. Also we do sceptres and pitchforks of fiberglass to dance with fire. We assure construction of unique pieces and own designs.

Pieces made:

Festive Imaginary:

  • Restoration festive imagery of Parets del Vallès (Gall, Bitru) (2011 – currently)
    Big-Head Construction of a portrait of Joan Guasch at the Workshop of Ventura Hosta (July, 2012)
    Big fire sceptre, for Ball de diabes La Pobla de Mafumet (Tarragona) (May, 2013)
    Joan Serrallonga 205cm giant with carton-pierre for Tavertet (Barcelona) (July 2013)
    190cm giant Pastanaga, Vilanova del Vallès (Spain) (Reconstruction of the body in fiberglass) (August, 2013)
    Big-Head portrait of Roger Villaró (December, 2013)
    Giant Guinedell 270cm, Tallaferro Creations Workshop (January, 2014)
    Mulassa infantil, Manresa (aluminum and fiberglass) (July 2014)
    Giants “La Trepa” of Sabadell (Fiberglass adapted) (August, 2014)
    Reconstruction and repair the giants of Santa Eulalia Riuprimer (December, 2014)
    Reconstruction and adaptation fire big-head of Marc “Empaitabruixes” Cabrera de Mar (January 2015)
    Construction of the fire beast, “Rosegaescrots and Isolde” for Cabrera de Mar  (April, 2015)
    Construction of four special pitchforks for Parets del Vallès (July 2015)
    Repair and restoration of Dragon “Ceballot” with nine swing fire points, Montornès del Vallès (August, 2015)
    Construction giant “Mireia” (Arms and figure) for LLIP Lledoner Montornès del Vallès (October 2015)
    Repair and restoration of Dragon Astharot Baluk district of Ca n’Aurell, Terrassa (March, 2016)
    Construction giant “Elionor de Sarriera” for Cabrera de Mar (July, 2016)
    Construction of two big-head: “Tragedy and Comedy” for Cabrera de Mar (July, 2016)
    Big-Head Construction of a portrait of Orson Welles – Falstaff foc Catalan cinema academy. (October 2016)
    Construction of three big-head: “Spring, Autumn and winter” for IPSI Barcelona (April 2017)
    Big head construction of a portrait of Carles Valero – For Catalan cinema academy (May 2017)
    Big head construction of a portrait of Manel Mir “Crier of Montmeló” for Montmeló (June 2017)
    Repair and restoration of giants. Vilanova del Vallès (January 2018)
    Dragon Prothus of Tona (April 2018)
    New version of Papallona de Sant Pere (Butterfly) Terrassa (May 2018)