farandulaPuppets, scenery (props), masked characters and the theatre are the main participants in the street celebrations in conjunction with the festive imagery. In our country are many fairs that are dedicated spaces for sale, exhibition and show. Many theatre companies and puppeteers that bring stories and stories in squares and theaters, and that is why we believe it is important to continue the construction of these elements and bring them close to the people, because everyone deserves to knows it and enjoy as they did centuries ago.

We build and own sales figures or custom characters, props, masks and puppets to make representations of different kinds, focusing mainly on the model of Catalan puppet (Putxinel·li). They are both finished in acrylic and oil polychrome. Construction materials can be either in carton-pierre, fiberglass or foam. Puppets can be generic (theme, story…) as characters existing (famous, historical, from giants, dragons…). For more information please contact us!

Pieces made:


Mask and accessories Carnival and Esparriot, Montornès del Vallès (February 2015)
Mask and accessories Carnival and its Esparriot, Montornès del Vallès (February 2016)
Carnival mask and accessories, Cabrera de Mar (February 2016)
Masks for the sins and accessories, Montornès del Vallès (February 2016)
Carnival mask and accessories, Cabrera de Mar (February 2017)


Removable Tree ” La Biblioteca d’en Noé”  430cm for the group Till Tall Theatre, Llinars del Vallès (December 2015)
King coaches for the Cavalcade of Magi, Cabrera de Mar (January 2016)
Old Lent with removable feet, Cabrera de Mar (February 2016)
Pere Botero’s cauldron, Pastorets of Canovelles (December 2016)
Photocall for carnival of Montornès del Vallès (February 2017)


Puppet set based on giants and beasts from Parets del Valles for the schools in the city, a total of 150 pieces (2013-2014)
Puppets of Giant Jofre, La Roca del Vallès (January, 2013)

Long series:


Perico (2013)
Pipo puppet master of ceremonies (2014)
St. George, Princess and Dragon (2014)
The Armed Manages character or Easter (2014)
Golden Witch (2014)
Knight Boy (2014)