Tastet de bestiari Montornès del Vallès, 2014

Whether for gifts, decorating and merchandising we offer sculptures made of different materials for those attending the event to remember it forever or to be part of their everyday.
Historically, the sculptures were used to reminisce important events, in our workshop we offer figures in various materials (resins, marble dust, clay, carton-pierre …) with the best finishes according to customer needs (polychrome, acrylic, patina of iron, bronze …). Like most pieces are sometimes listing, we use materials that capture every detail of the piece when making moulds and like this can be very detailed and profiled parts. For small shops or businesses, generally we do large runs of pieces but always with the best finish and all handmade one by one.

Pieces made:

Gifts and sculptures of small size:

  • “Correfoc” Montornès del Vallès (September 2012.2013)
    Fifteen miniatures of Joan Serrallonga, Tavertet (July, 2013)
    Trobada de gegants Corpus, Cornellà de Llobregat (June 2014)
    Ten pieces Agermanament Gualba – Lloret de Mar (August, 2014)
    Three pieces Tastet de Bestiari Montornès del Vallès (November 2014)
    Twenty pieces “Crispeta d’Or”, Montornès del Vallès (April, 2015)
    Fifteen pieces “Ou com balla” reminder Corpus Montornès del Vallès (June 2015)
    Fifty pieces ” Escut penya Blaugrana” Montornès del Vallès (July 2015)
    Thirty-two pieces “Gegants de La Beguda Alta”, La Beguda Alta (August, 2015)
    Four pieces “XXX Anys diables de Montornès” for the Correfoc Festival (September, 2015)


  • Several ceramic pieces (2010-2011) – Highlights:
    The Eye of Time (2011)
    African Mask (2012)
    Braided Lady (2012)
    Lady, Holy Mother of God (2012)
    The Flame (2013)
Crispeta d'Or 2015 Ajuntament de Montornès del Vallès

Crispeta d’Or 2015
Montornès del Vallès